Salmon tartar
With Topinambur chips and wild herbs

Marinated veal filet
With courgette and orange-ginger mayonnaise

Lemongrass soup
With Cocos and prawn balls

Main courses

Sous vide cooked maize chicken
With mushroom cream, pointed cabbage and potato-celery croquets

Filet of turbot
With minutia and sepia tagliatelle

Buckwheat noodles
With mangle, sage and parmesan


Sorbet variation
With marinated fruits

Medley of raw milk cheese
With small rosemary potatoes und chutney

2-course-meal    31,00 €                 3-course-meal    36,00 €
Including 1 hot drink after lunch


A la carte

Frothed crustacean soup
With prawn and cucumber
9,50 €

Wintry leaf salads
Served with fried prawns
16,50 €

Viennese Schnitzel
With French fries and side salad
24,00 €

Crispy fried filet of codfish
With mashed potatoes, chives beurre blanc and caviar
28,00 €

Beef fillet
With risotto, artichokes and leek
36,00 €


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