Quinoa salad with citrus fruits,
Marinated wild herbs and cardamom cream

Ceviche of king fish
With mango chutney, avocado and sesame crisp

Alpine cheese soup
With blood sausage bruschetta

Main dishes

Saltimbocca of guinea fowl
With braised Cima di rapa and rosemary potatoes

Mediterranean fish platter
With ratatouille and baked arancini

Black salsify ragout
With pretzel dumpling, baby spinach and truffle foam


Chocolate mousse
With dried apricots and yoghurt ice cream

Medley of raw milk cheese
With small rosemary potatoes und chutney

2-course-meal    31,00 €                 3-course-meal    36,00 €
Including 1 hot drink after lunch


A la carte

Tranche of pickled salmon
With marinated celery and apple chutney
15,50 €

Tartar of beef fillet
With marinated figs, wild herbs and potato chips
18,50 €

Crispy fried char
With Daikon cress salad, girasole cream and beurre blanc
27,00 €

Viennese Schnitzel
With roast potatoes and side salad
26,00 €

Slices of braised US beef shoulder
With glazed Brussels sprouts and celery cream
26,00 €



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