Marinated prime boiled veal
With lamb’s lettuce and pumpkin seed vinaigrette

Smoked Taunus trout
With cauliflower served two ways, red chard and blackberry

Frothed pumpkin soup
With wild mushrooms and pumpkin seed oil

Main dishes

Short roasted slices of beef fillet
With Tuscan beans and rosemary potatoes

Fried wild prawn
With Mediterranean vegetables and lime risotto

Orecchiette with wild mushrooms,
Goat cream cheese and parsley foam


Cinnamon mousse
With quince ragout and sour cream ice cream

Medley of raw milk cheese
With curd cream – ice cream and chocolate biscuit

2-course-meal    31,00 €                 3-course-meal    36,00 €
Including 1 hot drink after lunch


A la carte

Corn salad with potato dressing,
Quince chutney and braised pumpkin
12,50 €

Confit kingfish
With sweet and sour Hokkaido pumpkin
and pumpkin seed mayonnaise
14,50 €

Fillet of turbot
With blood sausage and fresh horseradish
28,00 €

Viennese Schnitzel
With roast potatoes and side salad
26,00 €

Braised ox cheeks
With Brussels sprouts and celery cream
26,00 €



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