Bavarian delicacies

Beef salad
With pumpkin seed oil, nuts and horseradish
4,50 €

Bavarian cheese spread (made of camembert and spices)
With red onion
3,00 €

Radish salad
With chives and goat’s cheese
4,00 €

Pickled Alpine cheese
With raisins, onions and pine nuts
4,00 €

Sweet and sour marinated filet of trout
With horseradish cream
4,50 €

Snack plate
Tyrolean bacon, Alpine cheese, smoked ham, mixed pickles
16,50 €

Grilled Nuremberg sausage
In sweet and sour vegetable stock
4,50 €


Alpine-wild herbs salad
With horseradish, apple and parsnip
16,50 €

Optionally served with:

  • Black pudding
  • Baked Emmentaler cheese
  • Fried char


Essence of wild mushrooms
With oxtail and vegetables
9,00 €

Creamy horseradish soup
With caramelized walnuts, apple and celery
9,50 €


Cheese Spaetzle
With roasted onions and side salad
Starter   14,00 €            Main dish   18,00 €

Black pudding ravioli
With pointed cabbage, pear and onion cream
Starter   13,00 €            Main dish   23,00 €

From the Sea

Filet of zander
with potato goulash and caraway cream
26,00 €

Tranche of char
With creamy sauerkraut and chives sauce
24,00 €

From the Country

Medium roasted duck breast
With pretzel dumpling, orange marmalade and red cabbage salad
32,00 €

Filet of pork coated in bacon
With bean vegetables and potato bismarcks
24,00 €

Veal cutlet
With cream chanterelles and spaetzle
28,00 €


(Cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins)
With plums and vanilla ice cream
9,00 €

Sorbet variation
-Apricot, strawberry, lime-
9,00 €

Medley of raw milk cheese
With small rosemary-potatoes und chutney
12,50 €



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